Relief By Design:

Leave Restrictive Diets Behind and Create Responsive, Healthy Routines On Your Own Terms

Learn how to build customized, adaptable health and well-being without suffocating diet and fitness plans.

“Sarah Hays Coomer will heal many broken spirits and burdened bodies... The approach to healthy living and weight loss is practical, holistic, and accessible to anyone.”

Emily Saliers

Indigo Girls



You’ve done your research and have plenty of ideas about what you “should” be doing for your health. Taking action is a different story.

The science is clear. We know what helps people "get healthy", right?

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, adequate protein, water, fiber, and healthy fat
  • Take time for heart-pumping, muscle-boosting exercise
  • Stretch and brush your teeth
  • Sleep well
  • Get a financial safety net, a low-stress job, sunlight, fresh air, supportive relationships, preventative healthcare, and you'll be all set! 👀

If only doing all of that was easy! But it’s not.


The problem is the way we’ve been taught to approach change.

Perhaps you’ve followed a few (or a few dozen) diet and fitness plans telling you what to eat and how to exercise, but instead of helping you feel better, those plans leave you discouraged, disconnected from your body, and exhausted by dieting and emotional eating.

If that’s the case, blame the plan, not yourself.

Strict, one-size-fits-all wellness plans are oppressive and tone deaf. They don’t take you, the things you love, or your life into account.

Everyone's coping skills and health and fitness styles are different. No two people are the same, and what motivates you to make lasting changes will be deeply personal.


They tell you to limit or control reliable tools you’ve used to manage stress in the past. Ice cream, anyone?

Limiting access to sources of relief when you're stressed out makes most people frustrated, rebellious, and very likely to turn back to the old, unhealthy habits they're trying to quit.

I have been working with compassionate, creative, intelligent people for over 20 years, and I can tell you that most people don’t need more rules to “get healthy.”

They need to know their own bodies, understand stress, and build specific, personalized tools to feel energetic, grounded, clear-headed, and at ease.

If You Find Yourself Asking:

“Why can't I just stick with the habits I know would make me stronger?"

“Why do I keep eating things that make me feel awful later?”

“What do I do when cravings hit? I want it, but I also don't.”

Let’s turn the page on this situation—once and for all.

This course will help you work
with your impulses instead of against them, to meet your needs and adjust as they change over time.


Relief By Design:

Leave Restrictive Diets Behind And Create Responsive, Healthy Routines On Your Own Terms

Build strength, peace of mind, and reliable sources of relief


RELIEF BY DESIGN offers a flexible, personalized roadmap to identify your unique needs and meet them with targeted, healing reinforcements.

Two decades of helping people break free of emotional eating and respond effectively to stress triggers have shown me that the problem isn’t you, it’s the miserable way we’ve all been taught to tackle change.

"I'm finally at peace with food.

Everything is falling into place for me. This course is the final frontier. It's so nice not to be obsessed with when and what to eat anymore!"

"I delighted in the idea I could connect health with pleasure.

I don't have to approach change with a grim sense of discipline anymore!"

"I felt such a kinship with Sarah after taking this course.

She does such a wonderful job working with difficult concepts. I have no doubt she has changed the lives of many people."

How It Works

1. Quirks And Cravings Show The Way

In this course, quirks are celebrated, and impulsive moments are not disasters. Combined, they are the roadmap to effective solutions.

2. Response Not Restriction

Restrictive, generic rules can box you in, but the skills to identify your specific needs and respond to them with care and generosity can set you free for the rest of your life.

3. Nothing Happens In A Vacuum

Environment and community play a huge role in well-being. Recognizing how these influences impact your health and when you can or can't influence them clarifies your next steps.

4. Establish Personalized Healing Routines

Learn how to build a reliable practice of healing reinforcements you'd fight for.

5. Fluidity Over Rigidity

Things change, and static solutions don't flex—so they break. The consistency here is you: what you need and what gets you fired up. The best guidebook you've got for how to heal is your own body. Learn how to flex with it, and you're set.

What’s Inside Relief By Design


Why “Bad” Habits Make Perfect Sense

Learn why “bad” habits happen. There is nothing wrong with you. The system is working perfectly.


A Method To The Madness

Craft a new status quo by working with impulses, instead of against them.


Defining Healthy

Get specific about what “healthy” means for you.


Truth, Lies, And Rocket Fuel

Use honest observation to propel you into a different relationship with food and your body.


Microdosing And Macrodosing Wellness

Are you drawn to big, spectacular changes or do you thrive on steady, satisfying ones?

Or maybe a little of both?


Why "Wellness Plans" Fail

Learn about restriction, where triggers come from, and why traditional approaches so often don't “work”.


Behavior Change In Stressful Times

Learn the fundamentals of anchoring behavior change in concrete sources of relief.


The Power To Choose

Discover how to put yourself in a position of power to choose what comes next in your most challenging moments..


Essentials For Change

Three essentials to avoid frustration and set yourself up for your unique version of success.


The Anatomy Of A Habit

Learn how habits flow from craving to chocolate cake, and the sneaky part of the cycle that's missing in action.


Pathway To Relief - The AID Approach®

A simple, adaptable tool to build non-negotiable, relief-based routines to ease chronic stress and support your long-term health.


Nine Tools For Impulsive Moments

A mix-and-match list of ways to support yourself when you’re struggling with impulsive moments.


How To Stick With It

Five evidence-based ways to reinforce fragile, new routines.


A Plan For Setbacks

Discover how to keep a floor under your feet through setbacks and plateus.


Relief: A Love Story

What's the point of this anyway? Distill what you’ve learned. Identify your unique position and next steps, rooted in relief.

Relief By Design Course

Learn how to build customized, adaptable health and well-being without suffocating diet and fitness plans.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 15 concise video training modules with audio options - less than 12 minutes each
  • Interactive worksheets, questionnaires, and tools o accelerate your learning and growth
  • 20 years of coaching experience
  • Self-selected stress management tools
  • Personalized habit-building skills
  • An adaptable program for current and future growth

No fake sales.

No fake time limits.

The only urgency here is your own.



Personalized Daily Healthy Human Checklist

An easy-access, daily checklist of essentials—chosen by you—to stay stable and healthy.


To Track or Not To Track?

Does tracking motivate you? Maybe! Maybe not. If accountability helps, pick from these tools to support your progress.


Catalog Of Your Favorite Things

Create your own go-to list of enjoyable activities, healthy indulgences, and proven mood boosters.


  • What would it feel like to have a peaceful, easy relationship with food and exercise?
  • What would be different if you craved healthy responses to stress?
  • What if the things you love (or are curious to try) could be the bedrock of better health?

What Others Are Saying

“From playground to hospice, Sarah dives into the intrinsic value of human bodies at work and at play—championing women's bodies, in particular, as uniquely powerful in their diversity.”


New York Times Bestselling Author of DRIVE and WHEN

“Sarah Hays Coomer will heal many broken spirits and burdened bodies... The approach to healthy living and weight loss is practical, holistic, and accessible to anyone.”


Indigo Girls

“​If you've ever wanted the process of change to feel more playful, joyful, and rooted in self-trust—not self-criticism—Sarah Hays Coomer will show you the way.”


Author of The Willpower Instinct and The Joy of Movement

“Sarah addresses not only nutrition and exercise obstacles but gives you a forum to work on root causes of self-sabotage and what's holding you back from success.”


Vice President of Events
Liberty Mutual

“Coomer's insight is startling, and her approach is gentle but effective.”


Designer, Bayou with Love
Actor - Twilight, Thirteen

“Working with Sarah has been liberating and transformational. Her encouragement, wisdom, and genuine compassion have been life-changing. I’m forever grateful to have found her.”


Director of Communications
American Addiction Centers

Relief By Design Is For…

  • Creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking a wellness solution built on flexibility and autonomy.
  • Caretakers, teachers, and advocates who need sustainable skills for stress relief and well-being to continue their work.

Sarah Hays Coomer

Like you, I am a lot of things.

I’m a Mayo Clinic-and National Board-certified health coach, columnist for Forbes Health, National Strength and Conditioning Association certified personal trainer, freelance journalist, speaker, and author of three books.

I’m a mom to one kid and two dogs and a champion of every human being's right to be in their body unapologetically and without fear of discrimination.

I’m also a person who struggled for over a decade with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and chronic pain. I know how it feels to be at war with your body and food, and I know how to find the way out.

I have spent the past 20 years—in private and group coaching, books and articles, university, non-profit, and corporate workshops—helping people put down the weapons of war against their own bodies and build an entirely different approach to health and healing.

The solution is not control and manipulation. It is kindness and generosity—rooted in evidence-based research, creativity, and exploration.

If you want a prescriptive diet plan, there are plenty on the market. Relief By Design is something different. It’s for free-spirits and nonconformists who are ready to step out of diet jail and into the light.

Questions & Answers

Change is hard. What makes this course different?

You know how it feels when you complete a big to-do item at work, like implementing a new system or protocol? It’s done, and the results of that accomplishment make life easier. That’s how wellness changes should feel, too.

Making changes can be challenging. They take time and can feel awkward at first, but if the steps along the way come from your actual life, the things you care about and the way your body feels, new routines will feel more like a relief than a struggle. That shift changes everything, and you can use the personalized systems in this course to keep building from there.

Will this actually help me lose weight?

If weight loss is a goal, this course can help you make enduring lifestyle changes that can reduce your body weight over time. The extent of those changes is up to you. Some will be easily within reach. Other environmental, hormonal, or genetic factors may not be within your control. Often, I find clients will lose small amounts (for example, 10 or 15 pounds) before reassessing if additional changes are needed or wanted. However, keep in mind that your situation will be unique. If you need additional support after completing the course, private coaching is an option, depending on availability.

Is this course worth it if my main problem is stress and not diet or exercise?

Absolutely. Stress and overwhelm have a huge impact on health, longevity, and quality of life. This course is specifically designed to help you build effective, non-negotiable coping skills that you can adapt and utilize for the rest of your life.

How much time will the course take?

Each module is less than 12 minutes long, and you will have the option to watch them in video form or listen to audio. Worksheets and interactive tools can be completed on your own time, but a central value of this course is weaving changes into your existing schedule. Depending on your goals, you should be able to feel benefits without a large time commitment.

Should I do this course with a friend?

This course can be taken solo, with a friend, or in a group. The approach around making healthy changes may be quite different from traditional approaches, so having companions who are speaking your language can be very helpful, but it's not necessary. You will each need your own enrollment to fully access the course.